Photo of Grimeminister at work as a DJ
Grimeminister has been mixing beats since he was a kid. Originally, it was old school house and garage on the Technics. Then something happened. A friend played Grimeminister a tune that would change his
life forever – Digital & Spirit by Phantom Force. From that moment, it was all about the school of hard beats; Drum and Bass forever.

Inspired by the mixing styles of legends Mampi Swift and Andy C, Grimeminister has been producing his own style of DnB on his label Digital 101 Recordings.

After introducing some of the hottest newcomers on the DnB scene: Flexxa, Enta, EVS and MCs Mr Murda, Malicious, Sane and Snatch coupled with releases from heavyweights such as Ironlung, Kre and Premium; the recent acquisition and upcoming relaunch of 3 Flow Recordings, and new live events in Oxford, Wiltshire and the 2,000 capacity Troxy in London, Grimeminister is fulfilling his vision to play a bigger part in the Drum and Bass scene.

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